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Ranking ALL My Cycling Jerseys From WORST to BEST!
Ranking ALL My Cycling Jerseys From WORST to BEST!

นอกจากการดูเนื้อหาของบทความนี้แล้ว Ranking ALL My Cycling Jerseys From WORST to BEST! คุณสามารถค้นหาบทความเพิ่มเติมด้านล่าง


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#Ranking #Cycling #Jerseys #WORST.


Ranking ALL My Cycling Jerseys From WORST to BEST!.

cycling outlet.

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23 thoughts on “Ranking ALL My Cycling Jerseys From WORST to BEST! | เนื้อหาทั้งหมดเกี่ยวกับcycling outletที่แม่นยำที่สุด

  1. Xelsear The only one says:

    I subscribed. Nice video. You have any recommendations on bib shorts? I got an 80$ one and it causes some crazy chafing. And with a cheap bibless one i was fine…

  2. Maximilian Meisl says:

    I´m searching for a nice Jersey, the Problem is that my chest has 107cm and my waist 83 cm, so XL on chest and M with the waist. Do you have a recommendation for people with a more muscular upper body?

  3. Drew Cama says:

    Ok None of the stuff I own. My Le col jersey has a zipper pocket which I only discovered when washing it the first time. And yes I really like that feature! Ps. I bought on a discount and 20% off so it was a great price! As all smart Canadians, we only buy things on sale.

  4. Majed HRH says:

    Love the video, Big love from saudi arabia <3
    i'm keen to know what you think about castelli? my favorite jersey is castelli superleggera ''I tried over 20 jerseys''

  5. Jean Poirier says:

    Salut Charles! <— Quebecois 🙂 I was surprised not to see " Le Col" brand in your video. Have you ever heard of them or tried them ? I don't work for them or anything but I got more into cycling last year. ( I live in L.A) and I tried Rapha, love the color and quality but sizing doesn't really work for me. I tried Giordana, castelli etc.. Then I discovered Le Col thrue Strava! I never knew how more comfortable a bib is to a pair of cycling shorts. So I got 2 different Le Col bibs ( second skin, amazing, fits perfectly and never have to get off my saddle!! I also have the Sport Jersey and a Pro race jersey ( sport jersey in L and pro race in XL since the fit is much tighter. Seriously, comparing with what I have had in the past the jersey's are just amazing!!! s light, breathable, love their colors, Zip pocket, big pocket and sits low in the back. I am 6'3 185 pounds so I need something that long in the back. and with Strava discount its really worth it. They have a 40% sale right now +60$ Strava discount so I got 500$ worth of gear for less than 200$. I just bought MAAP jerseys also but they are much shorter ( 2-3 inches shorter front and back. Wish I could return them. I think I found my company but you should try it out man ! Pis quand tu viens a L.A on Iras rider ! Je tajoute sur insta, bonne journey Charles.

  6. DEXVD says:

    Any suggestions for kit for shorter riders? Have found some brands to be pretty hit or miss especially with long sleeve jerseys, find Endura Pro SL short sleeve jerseys fit fine but the FS-260 long sleeve was too long, same for Garneau (emailed them and they said they make all sizes small to XL to fit someone that's 5'10 best).

  7. Iqbal Avisenna says:

    Hey man,i have my rapha in Medium size and fits perfect to me but wanted to try pedal mafia too, should i buy the same size like my rapha or they have a different sizing than rapha?

  8. lauig says:

    Another great review Charles ! If you ever come across the occasion to, get your hands on (or pass your arms through :P) a kit from belgian brand Bioracer, their higher end stuff is nothing short of fantastic for the price. On top of a couple jerseys, i also own a pair of their armwarmers that's design to shed water in the rain, works absolutely wonders while being crazy light, you almost forget you have them in your back pocket. (They also offer a version for colder times that has a brushed inside, pretty toasty).
    Their aero kits have been tried and tested on the worldtour and they have also provided skinsuit as ghostbuilders for some teams under contract with other brands. (Let's just say sky sometimes is no limit ahah)

  9. Secret Agent says:

    as always i enjoy your channel and found this interesting. we have different definitions of inexpensive lol. I have tried "bicycle booth" (cheap, not good fit), Castelli (made for tiny tiny short people, but at least both of these refunded for me). Sugoi fit me. I got team bib/jersey from a couple of teams (ironically i have NEVER got a new jersey to fit, only used)…. i want new though.
    but i am 178 cm and 98 kg. do you happen to have a heavy set friend who wears XXL sizes. That would be super useful.

    best wishes from Courtenay BC

    merci beaucoup

  10. David Lopez-Cepero says:

    Self-admittedly, I may have a bit of a problem with cycling Kit but mine go as follows in somewhat of an order…

    Pedal Mafia (PMCC, artist, pro)
    MAAP (echo pro base, pro hex, training)
    Black Sheep Cycling (racing aero)
    Rapha (pro team)
    LaPassione (PSN)

    Stolen Goat
    Le Col (need to try other lines from them)
    Siroko (need to try SRX line)

    Always looking for new kit though – Pedla, Eliel, Pas Normal Studios, Once Upon a Ride, Gavia, Chaise Cycling, Pacto, Capo and of course other lines within brands I already own 😬

    Thanks for the great content Charles 👍